How To Fund Your Account

How to Make a Deposit on SUFXX TRADES

Step 1: Login to Your Account

Access your SUFXX account by logging in.

Step 2: Access the Deposit Option

Once logged in, click on "Deposit" on your dashboard or find "Add Money" in the menu.

Step 3: Select Your Payment Method

Choose your preferred payment method. There are options available for Perfect Money or cryptocurrency via an automatic or manual deposit system.

Step 4: Input Deposit Amount and Proceed

Enter the amount you wish to deposit and proceed with the deposit process.

Step 5: Automatic Deposit Method (Perfect Money)

If you opt for the automatic deposit method using Perfect Money and don't have a Perfect Money wallet, sign up at After signing up, visit any of the listed Perfect Money exchangers based on your location:

If you live in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, visit: Cryptex

If you live in Central America, visit: XMLGold

If you live in Russia, visit: Hot24.Exchange or Coinfusion.One or

If you live in Nigeria, visit: Naira4Dollar

If you live in Switzerland, visit: CyberBTC

For more Perfect Money exchanger options, refer to this link: Perfect Money Business Partners

Visit the website of the chosen exchanger closest to you to fund your Perfect Money account. Once funded, return to SUFXX to make your deposit following the outlined steps. Upon successful completion, your deposit will be instantly credited to your account, allowing you to start trading.

Step 6: Manual Deposit (USDT Trc20 or Bep20)

If you choose the manual deposit method using USDT Trc20 or Bep20, our USDT wallet address will be provided on the deposit form for you to proceed. If you don't have a USDT wallet, sign up with and fund your wallet through any Binance verified merchant. After funding your USDT wallet, proceed to make your deposit transfer to our wallet using the appropriate network protocol (Trc20 or Bep20). Once the transfer is made, copy the TxID (Transaction hash) and paste it in the deposit form where required, input the deposit amount, and submit for confirmation. Upon confirmation, your account will be credited with the deposited amount.

Step 7: Instant Deposit (BTC, ETH, USDT erc20 Instant)

For instant deposits with BTC, ETH, or USDT erc20, input your deposit amount and proceed. On the payment page, choose your deposit wallet (BTC, ETH, USDT). Do not close the page. Access your Binance account to make the deposit transfer to our wallet address using the correct network protocol, erc20. Your account will be automatically credited once the transfer is completed. If you don’t have a crypto wallet, sign up with and fund your wallet through any Binance verified merchant.

Note: Manual deposits may take between 30 minutes to 1 hour for confirmation.

Please ensure to follow the instructions carefully while making deposits to your SUFXX account.